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New Features  Available On Appraisal Management Software

TrakLogix, a leading provider of appraisal management software and tools, is proud to announce the official launch of its newest updates to the platform.

Available for free to all current subscribers, and included in new package offerings, TrakLogix has expanded its features.

What Is New?appraiser software


2nd Payment Receipts for CC Processed Orders

New Invoice Searching Choices & Feature You Have To Call To Learn About!




2nd Payment Receipts

It’s no secret that TrakLogix has secure credit card processing on its platform. Years ago, TrakLogix partnered with to give our users the ability to complete credit card transactions directly off the platform (while recording payments automatically in reports and transactional history). Now, let’s say your customer pays up front, and later you find out the property is complex! You and your customer decide a fee increase is in order. They can pay for the 2nd payment via CC as well, and the 2nd receipt will auto-populate and attach directly on the order.


New Advanced Search For Invoices

We won’t tell you ALL the secrets behind our new and vast searching capabilities. But let’s just say you are no longer required to search by just date alone 😉 Our customers have raved about the new searching features and how it has allowed them to give better customer service to their clients! We’ve also included a brand new feature that has to do an automatic compliance with reasonable and customary fees! We build compliance directly into our platform, and make sure our customers no longer worry 24/7 about compliance and regulations. With this new feature (you’ll have to call us to find out what it is!) allows mortgage lenders and nationwide appraisal management companies to pay their appraisers reasonable and customary fees EASILY and COMPLIANTLY without duplicating steps or worrying!







How Does TrakLogix Decide New Improvements?

At TrakLogix, our goal is to help you run your business better and to make life a little easier for our users. Let us help you make the most of what we currently offer. We also have full-time software developers working every day to make our products better by fixing bugs and adding new functionality. We believe our clients know what they want, which is why we design our appraisal management software based off their needs!

We look to our current customers first when it comes to improvements. We take your needs and desires into consideration first. That is why we never hesitate to take suggestions!



Learn about our other software features or email or call us today to demo our product for free! And learn why companies everywhere are switching to the cost-effective way to manage and streamline their business!



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