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TrakLogix’s recent survey results are in! And we are listening! Seventy Five percent of our Appraiser Participants want to know how to effectively grow their business! So we will be starting a 5 step blog series. We will be helping AMCs, Appraiser Firms, Lenders and Appraisers alike learn some tips and tricks to grow their business. Stay tuned to learn how to increase your profits with helpful tips along the way. TrakLogix will give you a thorough analysis into tips, tricks, software, online tools, companies and much more.



Step 1: The Establishment

  1. You’ve spent the time finding what you want to do – you’ve started your business, now what?
  2. Branding
  3. Why your website matters


Step 2: Why Your Tools Can Make Or Break You

  1. Technology in the Mortgage Industry
  2. What everyone is saying
  3. How organization and communication can increase your profits


Step 3: Online Presence

  1. We will discuss how to effectively start, maintain and execute your online presence so that your customers can find you the easiest
  2. Tips & Tricks on managing your online presence
  3. Companies that can help you
  4. The online directories YOU NEED to be in!


Step 4: Content & Why It Matters

(This gets its own section because of how vital it is to EVERY step)

  1. We’ll explain how to set yourself apart from your competitors
  2. SEO explanation and how you can implement it
  3. Keyword searches and overviews


Step 5: Social Media

  1. Social Media is prevalent in today’s society – there is no way around it – we will explain the importance of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & G+
  2. The top Tips & Tricks for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & G+
  3. We’ll also go over a few tools you can use to help you manage social media


Which One Are You Most Excited About? Want To Know About Something We Aren’t Covering?


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