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In today’s society, people are very excited about starting their own businesses. Running your own business gives you the ability to be your own boss, and who doesn’t want that?

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So you have your business licenses in order, all your initial overhead out of the way, and you’re ready for customers. Or maybe you already have a few customers – but want more. The big question is “What’s Next?”

TrakLogix is going through a 5 Step Blog to overview some tips for new businesses, and even current businesses, to make sure that our customers are being as successful as possible! Whether you are a Lender, Appraiser, Appraiser Firm, or an Appraisal Management Company – we want you to grow with TrakLogix.



“What’s Next?,” Branding, and Why Your Website Matters



Begin A Marketing Plan


No business can survive without sales and profit. If you’re having trouble getting off the ground, or expanding, it’s not necessarily because of a lack of funds. It’s because you didn’t have a strong marketing plan.

online presence

With a little creativity, you can stretch a dollar in the marketing world to make a huge impact. Remember, your goal is to have customers find you AND decide they want you over your competitor. How do you do this? There are a million and five options for you! And you can find even more reasons why each one is vital to your company, and how you will fail if you don’t utilize them. While this is noteworthy, it is more important to understand YOUR company, and what specific tactics are appropriate and helpful. For instance; it doesn’t help a nationwide company to have a local ad in a newspaper. In contrast, if you only work in a few counties in Alabama – do you need to be in a South Dakota specific directory?



The first things you need to think about are:

  • Branding
  • Online Presence
  • Web Development


Why Your Brand Matters


A brand is a specific combination of logo, words, type font, design, colors, personality, service, quality, etc. A combination of all of these makes up your brand, and makes up your company. Your brand should reflect your company.  Your company is your brand, and your brand is your company.  As an extension of that – you are your brand.


When you hear the names “Papa Johns” and “Dominoes” – you immediately think of pizza delivery. When someone says the name of your company – what do they think of?


These days – too many smaller companies, firms, and individuals have branding that isn’t unique. This causes a huge problem. You don’t want to be forgettable, or the same as your competitor do you?


The majority of your customers are likely to find you off of the internet. There are different search engines (google, bing, yahoo, ask, duckduck go, aol search, etc) they can use to find you. All of these search engines have different algorithms to determine where you rank based off keywords. If you “keyword stuff” – your rank is lowered. If you don’t use SEO – your rank is lowered. If you have cookie cutter content – your rank is lowered. Not only do you need your customers to find you – you need them to feel a subconscious emotional connection to you – this is often achieved by defining the uniqueness of your brand.brand engagement


Your customers are basing their decisions on their perspective. A gut feeling, or simply their current mood can determine whether you or your competitor is contacted. Alternatively, it could boil down to whether you get the fee you want or not.  Building your brand helps you build recognition. Become memorable, become trusted, most importantly, become noticed.


Why Your Online Presence Matters


I often feel that this goes without saying, but far too many small companies today have no online presence, and ultimately they pay the price.


The internet never sleeps. Having an online presence not only gives your customers access to your products, services, contact information, etc, but it helps further build your brand.


It’s important to note, however, that this can be a double edged sword. Too often to Appraisers, Appraiser Firms, Small Banks, etc, have websites or content brandingidentical to their competitors. Or worse, out of date information, directories that don’t link to their website, missing 404 pages, or they have plagiarized content. You can even find websites that don’t understand basic coding, SEO tactics, or good security. This all hurts your online presence.


Fortunately, there are quite a few companies that help with this sort of thing.


Why Your Website Matters

We’re going to touch this the least, even though it is the most important. Ironic, isn’t it? We are only doing this, because each week we will be re-discussing this issue. Each time, we will go in depth further.

Your website reflects you as a business owner, and professional. If your website looks professional, your potential clients will think you are professional. Also, your website means extra business. More people are able to find you, more people are able to see why you are the best, and more people are able to contact you. Currently, TrakLogix is offering help to those in need of a website, discounts are being offered to those who already have websites.Read_More_Button_Fundraising


After you establish your website, or maybe you already have a website, its important to make sure you MAINTAIN it. This means periodically publishing content, changing your content, etc to make sure that you retain your high ranking through algorithm updates on search engines.


Also – if you have a website, it allows you to socially connect with your potential customers (via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, G+, etc). Often, this is incredibly hard to maintain – TrakLogix’s team of experts is more than happy to recommend some tools online that can help you with this. Without a viable webpage with SEO optimized content, and a good brand with an online presence – it is doubtful a company can grow.


online directories




A combination of logo, words, type font, design, colors, personality, service, quality etc.

Should reflect your company.

Should be unique.

Should promote “gut feelings” towards your company.


Online Presence

Website unique to you and your company

Appropriate Directories

Unique Content

SEO optimization



Up-to-date for search engine algorithms

Coding appropriate

Links with brand and online presence


User Friendly (mobile responsive)

Unique Content (nothing cookie cutter, no keyword stuffing)



Next Week:


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