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Why TrakLogix

1. Is TrakLogix an AMC?

TrakLogix is not an AMC. It is an appraisal management software; designed to help you manage your orders and streamline your business. It is designed for Appraisers as a platform to organize and manage their business.

2. What does TrakLogix offer me?

TrakLogix offers appraisers a compliant and effective way to manage their business. With our platform, you become more organized – allowing faster turn times and more quality reports. Our marketing specialists are available for a free website consultation or web design packages to help more customers find you. Manage your orders, Accounting, and grow your business with a unique website – all through TrakLogix.

3. How does TrakLogix differ from other software platforms?

TrakLogix is designed to fit Appraisers’ needs. With the safest platform around, Appraisers are able to easily navigate and manage their entire business anywhere they want. This allows you to maintain compliance while have faster turn times with higher quality reports. TrakLogix doesn’t stop there. TrakLogix offers you the marketing help to grow your business, gain more customers. Let your business grow, and stay organized with TrakLogix.

4. Am I only on TrakLogix for Lenders?

No! If you register with TrakLogix, this platform is yours! Track your orders and manage your appraisals and clients easily and compliantly with our platform.

Setting Up An Account

1. Do I Have To Pay A Fee To Accept Orders?

The platform is yours! So the orders are yours! And there is no fee to accept your own orders.

2. If a Lender invites me to register, can I only work with that Lender?

If you sign up with a lender, you have the option of working with only that lender – or you can use TrakLogix as your own platform, and track and manage orders with multiple lenders.

3. How long does it take to set up an account?

After contacting TrakLogix (1-855-536-3549) – we can have your platform set up and customized to you and your needs within 24 hours

4. How will I know how to work your platform?

Our qualified staff will walk you through an easy 10 minute tutorial – covering every question you have.


1. How Does TrakLogix Help Me Maintain Compliance With State And Federal Laws?

We have a UCDP delivery portal mechanism set up that delivers your report to UCDP portal and provides feedback on any errors that comes back – this works in conjunction with SmartChek which checks for UCDP errors before it is ever sent.

2. How Long Does TrakLogix Retain My Documents?

TrakLogix retains records indefinitely, they are never purged. We have four secure servers; three in the United States, and one in Canada. The integrity of your documents will never be breached, saving you from ever having to worry about audits.


1. How Can I Obtain A Copy Of A Lender’s Appraisal Guidelines, Fee Schedule, Specific Order Instructions, etc?

Your clients can upload these into the platform, saving you time and energy. The guidelines and instructions can be custom built into the orders you receive, keeping you compliant and organized.

2. How Do I Communicate Regarding Orders?

You can talk directly on the order itself. Stay up-to-date with Attorneys, Credit Unions, AMCs, etc with order notations. If you are working with an AMC – TrakLogix utilizes a double blind communication method – the Lender will never know who the Appraiser is until after the report is finalized.

3. How Will I Know If Someone Left A Note On An Order?

With TrakLogix you can customize what updates you chose to receive and how. TrakLogix allows notifications regarding order updates via email or text. Our responsive dashboard allows you to quickly see messages as well.

Billing & Invoice

1. Do I have to upload my own invoices?

TrakLogix has built in accounting to help you manage your business more effectively. Track and manage your orders, and be notified of bills and invoices. TrakLogix has invoices built in, that can be customized to your needs, that will send out for you.

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