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  1. Appraisal Management Updates

    TraKLogix offers an appraisal management software to make the lives and daily work of bankers and real estate agents easier. This software is cloud based, so worrying if you are working on an updated version and keeping up with the latest regulations, to be sure you are in compliance is, if not totally a thing of the past, much easier. Precision and accuracy are what will give you the edge and you…Read More

  2. Cloud-Based Appraisal Management Software

      In the appraisal management business, speed and accuracy are what gets you and keeps you on top. Using TrakLogix streamlines the process of ordering and getting the results of an appraisal. Our software has been designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use for Appraisal Management Companies, Lenders and Appraisers. For AMC’s You know that being compliant is everything. If you are out o…Read More

  3. What Is the CFPB and Why Does it Matter For Appraisal Management?

    Trak Logix offers SAAS appraisal management software. This is software that is used as cloud technology so that you have the best of all worlds. One of the best points of this property appraisal software is the regulations updates. Because this is could technology you’ll never get caught out using outdated software. Updates to the regulations are a key aspect of the CFPB. Understanding the now f…Read More

  4. What is TrakLogix® SaaS?

    TrakLogix® is a cloud based software platform that enables Appraisal Management Companies, lenders, brokers and appraisers to manage appraisals while remaining compliant with the law. Cloud Based Some of you may ask what “cloud-based” means. This means that the software you are using is not downloaded onto your computer, using space and being susceptible to hard drive failures. It is accessib…Read More

  5. Dodd-Frank Turns 5 – Will It Live to Adulthood?

    Five years ago, the Dodd-Frank Act was implemented among the 2008 credit and real estate crisis in the United States. This ushered in scores of new rules regarding lending practices that had far-reaching effects, some of which only coming to light as time passed. Safer loans, but less access After the 2008 crash, it was obvious that something needed to be done. Obama's administration was not only …Read More

  6. New Features On Appraisal Management Software

    New Features  Available On Appraisal Management Software TrakLogix, a leading provider of appraisal management software and tools, is proud to announce the official launch of its newest updates to the platform. Available for free to all current subscribers, and included in new package offerings, TrakLogix has expanded its features. What Is New?   2nd Payment Receipts for CC Processed Orders…Read More

  7. Oregon Lending Laws Update

    Updates To Lending Laws In Oregon With Lending Law updates in Oregon, Minnesota, California and Wyoming - TrakLogix finds it important to keep our readers and customers up-to-date on current happenings across the country. Let's start with two bills that have recently passed in Oregon in regards to obligations borrowers owe to lenders and disclosure in communications about reverse mortgages. You ca…Read More

  8. How The Greece Default Is Affecting US Mortgage Rates

    To understand how the US Mortgage rates could be affected by the Greek default, first we need to understand how mortgage pricing works. Yes, banks take money from savers and lend it to borrowers - but the actual process and methodology has evolved far beyond this original and basic process. Banks borrow money from each other, it increases their profits, and in turn they lend that money out as wel…Read More

  9. Final Rules on AMCs

    Final Rules On Appraisal Management Companies The MBA reports that an interagency group consisting of the Federal Reserve Board, FDIC, FHFA, CFPB, NCUA and OCC has issued a final rule proposal establishing minimum requirements for Appraisal Management Companies. This rule creates standards for federally regulated and non-federally regulated AMCs.  are jointly proposing a rule to implement the min…Read More

  10. Fannie To Join Freddie In Selling Non-Performing Loans

    Fannie Mae Plans To Join Freddie Mac In Selling Non-Performing Loans Fannie announced last Thursday that it will begin selling non-performing loans to interested buyers, joining Freddie Mac. Last week, Freddie Mac completed its largest sale of delinquent loans to GCAT Management Services, selling off $5398 deeply delinquent non-performing loans that carried an aggregate unpaid principle balance o…Read More

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